Apache NuttX-10.0.0 Release Notes

Major Changes to Core OS

Watchdog Callback Argument Change

The wdog timer call backs used to support a variable number of arguments. Now they support only a single argument (PR #1565). This eliminates (1) the configuration option CONFIG_MAX_WDOGPARMS and the OS interfaces wd_create() and wd_delete() * wdog timer data structures are no longer pre-allocated. Now they are allocated by the caller of wd_start(). This (1) eliminates the configuration options CONFIG_PREALLOC_WDOGS and CONFIG_WDOG_INTRESERVE, (2) eliminates the type WDOG_ID which was a pointer type to struct wdog_s, and (3) change the type of the first argument of all remaining wdog interfaces functions from WDOG_ID to FAR struct wdog_s *.

Because of these changes, all proprietary drivers maintained by all NuttX users will require modification. The following summaries the required modifications:

Most drivers have a field in structure like WDOG_ID wdog; That must be changed to struct wdog_s wdog; That changes the field from a pointer to a struct wdog_s to the struct wdog_s storage itself. * Eliminate all calls to wd_create(). The WDOG_ID is not longer managed by the timing subsystem and the wd_create() interface has been removed. * The wd_delete() interface has also been removed, but more care will need to be exercised: wd_delete() also cancels any running timer so, in many case, calls to wd_delete() should be replaced with calls to wd_cancel(). If you are certain that the timer has never been started, then you must remove the call to wd_delete() altogether. Calling wd_cancel() with an un-initialized struct wdog_s instance may well cause a fatal crash. * Replace the first parameter of all remaining wdog function calls from. For example, replace a call like ret = wd_cancel(priv->wdog) where priv->wdog was type WDOG_ID with the call ret = wd_cancel(&priv->wdog)where priv->wdog is now type struct wdog_s.

New Features

  • PR-1877 libc: Implement “j” modifier for scanf

  • PR-1864 libc: fs: Add relative path support

  • PR-1863 libc: Implement access()

  • PR-1866 libc: uio: enable writev() for sockets

  • PR-1853 libc: Implement popcount/popcountl/popcountll

  • PR-1850 Add tool for parsing the callstack for Trace32

  • PR-1840 Add POLLPRI for exception condition on the file descriptor

  • PR-1828 Implement mkdtemp syscall

  • PR-1826 libc: Add “tm_zone” member to tm

  • PR-1824 Implement etpriority syscall

  • PR-1821 Implement gettid syscall

  • PR-1818 Implement pipe2 syscall

  • PR-1779 libc: Minimal umask implementation

  • PR-1758 mm: Add lock to protect call to mm_addregion

  • PR-1756 libc: Implement gethrtime, getrlimit, setrlimit

  • PR-1658 libc: Add stubs for utimes

  • PR-1615 libc: Implement tm::tm_gmtoff field

  • PR-1611 libc: Allocate file_struct dynamically

  • PR-1684 Add gdb script for NuttX thread debugging

  • PR-1607 mm: Implement malloc_usable_size

  • PR-1606 sched/pthread: Implement pthread_attr_detachstate

  • PR-1600 Implement epol_pwait and EPOLLONESHOT flag

  • PR-1597 sched: Support passing non empty argument to init task

  • PR-1596 libc: Replace all sem_xxx with _SEM_XXX. This insures the correct semaphore interface is used by userspace and the kernel.

  • PR-1517 sched/wdog: Change the default value of MAX_WDOGPARMS from 4 to 2 as wd_start is two every where in the code base. Also bump CONFIG_MAX_WDOGPARAMS from 1 to 2 in defconfigs to support pthread_condclockwait()

  • PR-1486 libc: Implement ftw and nftw functions

  • PR-1567 libc: Implement proposed POSIX _clockwait variants of _timedwait functions

  • PR-1411 libxx: Integrate latest uclibcxx 0.2.5

  • PR-1586 libc: Add open for text (translated) access support

  • PR-1584 libc: Implement strlcpy function

  • PR-1580 libc: Implement pthread_conattr_etclock

  • PR-1545 sched/wdog: Do not dynamically allocate wdog_s. Reduces overhead and brings it inline with work_s

  • PR-1534 sched/wdog: Replace all callback arguments from uint32_t to wdparm_t

  • PR-1420 libc: Do not define localtime[_r] to macro with CONFIG_LIBC_LOCALTIME is not defined.

  • PR-1375 libc: Always declare getenv, link/symlink and atexist/on_exit. Many C++ libraries reference these but dont use them

  • PR-1371 libc: Improve stat/readdir to be more POSIX compliant with S_xxx macro definition as with Linux

  • PR-1369 Initialize the idle stack at the arch layer to better support stack coloring and also make it compatible with new TLS implementation

  • PR-1292 pthread/mutex: Add PTHREAD_RECURSIVE_MUTEX_INITIALIZER_NP support

  • PR-1280 libc: Implement fseeko and ftello

  • PR-1279 libc: Implement lstat and realpath

  • PR-1278 libc: Implement pathconf and fpathconf

  • PR-1269 cstdlib: Add missing atox to std namespace

  • PR-1264 sched/pthread: Prohibit the use of pthread_cleanup API’s by kernel threads

  • PR-1440 libc: Add the UUID libc functions

  • PR-1308 libc: Add support for _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF/_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN to sysconf

  • PR-1305 libc: Implement WNOHANG for waitpid and waitid

  • PR-1237 libc: Add minimal support for locale_t operation: suplocale, freelocale, newlocale, userlocale

  • PR-1317 sched/task: Unify task initialization

  • PR-1187 sched: Unify main thread and pthread behavior

  • PR-2263 libc/stdio: Preallocate stdin, stdout, stderr

  • PR-2053 / PR-2040 serial/termios: Support custom baudrate setting

Bug Fixes

  • PR-1911 init_section was not being emitted resulting in C++ static constructors not being called.

  • PR-1889 Fix build error for ::setbuf if CONFIG_STDIO_DISABLE_BUFFERING is set

  • PR-1619 Fix inverted errno in mq_open

  • PR-1595 epoll_wait() must loop until “maxevents” to fille output evs array

  • PR-1519 libc: Replace index/rindex from macro to function to protect against side effects with conflicting local variables

  • PR-1514 Remove usage for user-space memalign() from kernel/driver code. Instead use the proper kernel memory interface.

  • PR-1512 / PR-1510 / PR-1507 Remove usage for user-space malloc()/zalloc()/free() from kernel/driver code. Instead use the proper kernel memory interface.

  • PR-1496 libc: Change ctype macro to normal function to resolve macro evaluation side effects

  • PR-1463 libc: Replace all malloc/free with lib_malloc/lib_free inside libc

  • PR-1365 up_assert should not call exit() directly because it is only callable from userspace

  • PR-1336 syscall: Fix prctl PR_SET_NAME failure if called without pid argument

  • PR-1289 Clear the error indicator with rewind()

  • PR-1254 libc: mkstemp only look at the trailing X’s instead of the first X

  • PR-1311 libc: Move double_t typedef from sys/types.h to math.h

  • PR-1328 Make sure that pthread_cleanup functions are only called from userspace

  • PR-1318 nxsched_release_tcb should release stack in kernel build, fixes memory leak

  • PR-2951 sched: Fix deadlock in nxtask_exit() for SMP

  • PR-2229 / PR-2298 / PR-2279 / PR-2272 / PR-2264 / PR-1992 / PR-2022 sched: SMP fixups that caused locking and removal of some no longer required workarounds

  • PR-1993 libc: Skip close stdin/stdout/stderr in fclose

  • PR-1997 libc: Remove all calls to fclose with stdin/stdout/stderr with fclose

Major Changes to Documentation

  • PR-1763 Add quickstart documentation

  • PR-1677 Add simulator, drivers, and contributing instructions for new users

  • PR-1675 Add quickstart documentation from NuttX Companion

  • PR-1673 Update all the links in the documentation to point to nuttx.apache.org or the Apache NuttX wiki instead of old nuttx.org resources

  • PR-1501 Port all the existing documentation from HTML files to Sphinx based documentation along with a bunch of updates and improvments

  • PR-1433 Convert README documentation to Markdown

Major Changes to the Build System

New Features

  • PR-1786 Support building external code into the OS

  • PR-1396 Make C/C++ search path common so all boards support uClibc++/libc++ automatically

  • PR-1682 configure.sh can now list configurations with “-L” option

  • PR-2023 tools: Remove WSL configuration. This is just Linux now.

Bug Fixes

  • PR-1713 Fix export target: libboard was missing KERNEL flag.

  • PR-1470 Fix Make.dep not updated by .config changes

  • PR-1345 Enhance export target: make BIN directory configurable, export post build script, use LDNAME instead of LDSCRIPT

  • PR-1332 Include incdir.c in the export target

  • PR-1995 Fix issue where wrong extension was generated for mkconfig in WSL builds

  • PR-1949 Fix issue in make export where nuttx-names.dat was not being generated

  • PR-1682: Fix issue where windows style paths might not be handled correctly breaking Cygwin builds

Architectural Support

New Architecture Support

  • PR-1847 ARM: Initial support for ARMV6M to support CortexM0+

  • PR-1397: EOSS3: Initial support for the QuickLogic EOS S3 SoC

Architectures With Significant Improvements


  • PR-1753 cxd56xx: Use spinlock in gpioint to improve SMP performance

  • PR-1650 cxd56xx: Use spinlock in rtc to improve SMP performance

  • PR-1621 cxd56xx: Use spinlock in serial to improve SMP performance

  • PR-1569 cxd56xx: Add SMP support to cxd56_farapi.c

  • PR-1689 cxd56xx: Use spinlock in uart to improve SMP performance


  • PR-1422 ESP32: Add SPI driver (Master & Slave)

  • PR-1435 ESP32: Add I2C driver

  • PR-1491 ESP32: Add SPI Flash driver

  • PR-1525 ESP32: Add Ethernet driver

  • PR-1610 ESP32: Improve SPI transmision (DMA, IOMUX, software CS)

  • PR-1630 ESP32: Add support for HW RNG

  • PR-1830 ESP32: Add Power Management of Force-Sleep

  • PR-1754 ESP32: Add support for external SPIFLASH

  • PR-1613 ESP32: Add function for switching CPU from 80MHz to 240MHz

PR-1712 ESP32: Add support for external MMCSD card over SPI



  • PR-1624 Kinetis: USBHOST improvements to avoid race condition durring freeing for queue head structure by using Async Advance Doorbell.

PR-1516 Kinetis K28: Add support for USB High Speed Host

PR-1531 Kinetis K28: Add USB state change notifiers in notifier work queue

PR-1456 Kinetis K28: Reworked USB driver for setup out data phase


  • PR-1418 NRF52: Add Timer and RTC drivers

  • PR-1432 NRF52: Add timer lowerhalf

  • PR-1635 NRF52: Add support for RTC event handling

  • PR-1636 NRF52: Add support for PPI peripheral

  • PR-1681 NRF52: Add support for GPIOTE task mode

  • PR-1726 NRF52: Extend systimer support

  • PR-1773 NRF52: Add ADC and PWM support

  • PR-1915 NRF52: Add serial termios support (no flow control)

  • PR-1907 NRF52: Add basic error handing for i2c in polling mode to support i2ctool. Still not handled in DMA mode.

  • PR-1839 NRF52: Add missing SPI callback register hooks to support drivers like mmcsd

  • PR-1646 NRF52: Better differentiation between NRF52840 and NRF52832

  • PR-1685 NRF52: Add ARM system reset support. Add UID support.

  • PR-1674 NRF52: Add LFCLK/HFCLK support for selecting oscillator sources.


  • PR-1858 RISCV: Add missing CSR macros listed in RISC-V spec V1.10.

  • PR-1314 rv32im: Add schedulesigaction.c, SYS_save_context handling, skip ECALL instruction when calling up_swint()


  • PR-1622 RX65N: Add I2C(RIIC) support

  • PR-1894 RX65N: Add USB device support

  • PR-1899 RX65N: Add DTC driver

PR-1910 RX65N: Add SPI driver support


  • PR-1515 SAMD5E5: Add Watchdog timer support

  • PR-1574 SAMD5E5: Add USB host support

  • PR-1594 SAMD5E5: Freerun timer, oneshot timer and tickless support

  • PR-1816 SAMD5E5: Add MTD progmem support and NVM USER PAGE IOTCLs


PR-1412 SAMA5D27: Implement system reset to support nsh reboot command

PR-1393 SAMA5D2x: Implement SDMMC peripheral support


PR-1339 S32K: Extend FlexTimer support and add support for PWM

PR-1337 S32K: Allow FlexCAN to use to NETDEV_LATEINIT to handle the case where both FlexCAN and ENET are used


  • PR-1914 SIM: SIGUSR1 handling now uses NuttX interrupt logic

  • PR-1859 ESIM: Add host timer and improve the oneshot timer logic

  • PR-1767 SIM: Allow access to tty interfaces for better termios support

  • PR-1655 SIM: Add support for Linux HCI Socket as a NuttX BLE adapter. Full NuttX BLE stack can be run against any Linux Bluetooth adapter in sim.

  • PR-1558 SIM: Add support for Stack Smashing Protector.

  • PR-1392 SIM: Make uClibc++ and libcxx work on sim platform

  • PR-1460 SIM: Call sched_note_cpu_* when scheduler instrumentation is enabled


  • PR-1865 STM32F4: Add support for STM32F412CE fixing I2C2/I2C3 and USART1 alt

  • PR-1506 STM32: Add support for single wire UART push/pull mode

  • PR-1572 STM32F2/F4: Add options for I-Cache and D-Cache to be enabled/disable. Previously they were always enabled.

  • PR-1287 STM32F7: Refactor the FMC driver to support STM32F7 family and add support to the STM32F46G-DISCO board

  • PR-1275 STM32: Allow SysTick to be a tickless clock source option

  • PR-1268 STM32: Add support for STM32F412 with UART / SPI / CAN / I2C / DMA

  • PR-1250 STM32L4: Add support for booting into DFU mode

Bug Fixes


  • PR-1562 ARM: Save tcb-adj_stack_size should be saved without tls overhead

  • PR-1900 ARM: Fix false reporting for stack usage for unaligned stacks


  • PR-1410 avr: Implement missing double_t type, CONFIG_STACK_ALIGNMENT, linker emulation flags


  • PR-1930 cxd56xx: Fix handle_irqreq() in cxd56_cpupause.c

  • PR-1789 cxd56xx: Fix deadlock issue in up_txinit() in SMP mode.

  • PR-1620 cxd56xx: Fix IRQ control in cxd56_dmac.c

  • PR-1253 cxd56xx: Fix audio cxd56_stop where a deadlock could be hit if the worker thread took too long to turn on AMP

  • PR-1950 cxd56xx: Fix deadlock and tcb corruption in SMP mode


  • PR-1908 ESP32: Fix task signal process preemption

  • PR-1941 ESP32: Fix interrupt clearing of edge interrupt due to issuing in masking interrupt state


  • PR-1527 IMXRT: Fix kconfig so that IMXRT_ENET_NRXBUFFERS can be set

  • PR-1455 IMXRT: Fix auto-negotiation for KSZ8081 PHY


  • PR-1273 Kinetis: Fix issue in ethernet driver where buffers were blindly initialized and could cause the TX of the MAC to be in a bad state. Also resolves an issue with interrupts being throttled in the NVIC.


  • PR-1928 NRF52: Fix PPI group disable and add group clear

  • PR-1885 NRF52: Fix SPI driver structures when SPI_EXCHANGE is not set

  • PR-1799 NRF52: Fix SPI_MASTER entry in kconfig

  • PR-1787 NRF52: Fix base address for SPIM{1,2,3}

  • PR-1777 NRF52: Handle case where rx or tx buffer could be 0 but data would still be transferred. Also error if more than max data is requested.

  • PR-1770 NRF52: Fix bug where SPI cmddata was not properly mapped for SPIM 0,2,3


  • PR-1909 RISC-V: MIE instead of MPIE register was being used in up_schedule_sigaction for storing interrupt state


  • PR-1903 SIM: Fix complication issue for WPCAP in Cygwin build

  • PR-1888 SIM: Fix EOVERFLOW returned when CONFIG_SIM_M32 is set

  • PR-1709 SIM: Fix up_cpu_start initialization for macOS with SMP enabled


  • PR-1898 STM32F7: Fixes data loss bug in UART5 with TX DMA

  • PR-1841 STM32: Remove broken overdriver support

  • PR-1719 STM32: Lowputc: Ensure USART is disabled before attempting to configuring it

  • PR-1714 STM32H7: Fix I2C driver interrupt storm

  • PR-1556 STM32: Fix IO compentation support in STM32F7 and remove incorrect reference in STM32F0/L0/G0

  • PR-1529 STM32: Fix initialization bug in ADC that prevented adc_reset() from working correctly

  • PR-1561 STM32: Make sure that core over-drive is enabled for all chips that support it and operating at 180MHz. Some were enabled at 180MHz but may have not been stable without over-drive not configured.

  • PR-1553 STM32F7: Fix possible interrupt blocking in serial TXDMA ISR

  • PR-1544 STM32: Make sure IO compensation cell is configured prior to call to rcc_enableperipherals() causing syscfg is accessed before it is enabled

  • PR-1380 STM32F7: Fix tickless driver where th compare register could be set to a value that has just passed preventing expiration

  • PR-1252 STM32L4: Fix 48MHz MSI clock selection that could cause boot to hang

  • PR-1310 STM32L4: Configure flash wait states earlier to prevent corruption of execution state

  • PR-1248 STM32L4: Fix oneshot timer so that a minimum period is set otherwise it will never be triggered.

  • PR-1247 STM32L47x/8x: Set additional registers required to place a pin in analog mode

  • PR-1246 STM32L4: Fix issue where clock divider for serial baud rate was not set correctly


  • PR-1912 Fix up_interrupt_contex() in case of SMP - Make sure the operation is atomic in case of SMP

Driver Support

Bug Fixes

  • PR-1896 spi_xx25xx EEPROM: return the number of bytes written instead of 0 or error

  • PR-1891 serial: Don’t mangle PID when ISIG is changed

  • PR-1856 pipe: In case of empty pipe with no writers, return EOF instead of EAGAIN

  • PR-1836 stmpe811: Fix incorrect GPIO interrupt register logic

  • PR-1741 mmcsd_sdio: Properly arm the write completion detection

  • PR-1370 can: Fix incorrect usage of nxsem_getvalue which caused fifo->rx_sem to increase with teach received msg

  • PR-1452 lcd: Fix memory leak when board_graphics_setup fail

New Driver Support

  • PR-1797 leds: WS2812 LED controller (aka Adafruit NeoPixel)

  • PR-1851 kbd: Add support for SolderParty BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard

  • PR-1618 BQ27426 fuel gauge

  • PR-1276 Add support for the ST7735 TFT Controller

  • PR-1233 usbhost: Add support for CDC-MBIM USB host driver

Drivers With Significant Improvements

  • PR-1816 stmpe811: Add SPI support for touch screen controller

  • PR-1800 vfs: Add FIOCLEX/FIONCLEX ioctl support

  • PR-1798 mmcsd: Allow setting IDMODE_CLOCK via kconfig

  • PR-1587 BCH: Delay the sector flush to avoid multiple erase/write operations in sequence write

  • PR-1577 rwbuffer: Avoid allocating memory for the temporary erase buffer by the FTL driver

  • PR-1466 Altair Modem: Add board specific logic, Fix issue that SPI4 RX frequency violated AC Spec, Fix priority of SPI transfer task is too low, Modify timeout value for RX ready

  • PR-1471 ramlog: Add option to overwrite buffer

  • PR-1547 usbhub: Make sure to enumerate hubs that report protocol = 1 (High Speed Hub)

  • PR-1374 gpio: Extend gpio_pintype_e for pulldown/up and opendrain

  • PR-1249 bmp280: Add support for reading temperature

  • PR-1299 mpu60x0: Add I2C support for the MPU60x0 sensor driver

  • PR-1325 can: expose NART/ABOM and RTR settings via ioctls

  • PR-1520 note: Move note driver from syslog to drivers/note

  • PR-1288 / PR-1449 note: Add sched_note_syscall_enter/leave hooks for syscall instrumentation

  • PR-1259 note: Add buffering support for syscall instrumentation

  • PR-1256 note: Add hooks for note driver for interrupt instrumentation

Board Support

Significant Improvements

  • PR-1618 metro-m4: Add support for: SmartFS initialization, AT24 EEPROM, GPIO dev, BQ27426 gauge initialization

  • PR-1727 b-g474e-dpow1: Add support for FLASH bootloader

  • PR-1683 cxd56xx: Add wifi_smp configuration

  • PR-1668 sim: Add new configuration for SMP

  • PR-1644 stm32f746g-disco: Move serial console from USART6 to USART1 which is attached to the USB virtual COM port.

  • PR-1464 cxd56xx: Add new GNSS functions, support for lower PWM frequency, CONFIG_CPUFREQ_RELEASE_LOCK, high speed ADC, HPADC input gain configuration, eMMC device, frame buffer support

  • PR-1405 stm32f4discovery: Add ELF support to wifi configuration

  • PR-1402 imxrt1060: Add buttons support to iMXRT1060

  • PR-1590 sim: Add duktape configuration

  • PR-1532 sim: Add cromfs configuration

  • PR-1335 cxd56xx: Enable basic snapshop camera example

New Board Support

  • PR-1664 NRF52: Add support for NRF52832 MakerDiary MDK board

  • PR-1633 NRF52: Add support for Sparkfun NRF52832 Breakout Board

  • PR-1728 SAMA5D27: Add support for Giant Board

  • PR-1397 EOSS3: Initial support for the QuickLogic EOS S3 SoC QuickFeather board

  • PR-1268 STM32: Add support for nucleo-f412zg board

File System

Bug Fixes

  • PR-1796 vfs: Fix memory leak calling pseudorename

  • PR-1794 vfs: Fix issue where opendir would remove the trailing whitespace or /

  • PR-1793 vfs: Make sure that rename of mount point uses pseudorename. Previously mv on a mountpoint would return err 88.

  • PR-1737 vfs: reuse file_dup2 direction in file_dup to prevent segfault issue

  • PR-1490 Ensure that filesystems can all support paths that end with ‘/’

  • PR-1546 ROMFS: Fix issue with how hard links are followed for ROMFS

  • PR-1442 SmartFS: Fix file size corruption when opening with overwriting mode

  • PR-1431 nxffs: Fix scan good block slowly and scan an invalid block

PR-1295 fs: for setfd correct the return value

Significant Improvements

  • PR-1554 CROMFS: Add support for hard links

  • PR-1499 FAT: Add support for UTF8 long filename

  • PR-1479 vfs: Add file descriptor based events support eventfd()

  • PR-1582 vfs: Add epoll_create1() support

  • PR-1579 vfs: Do not check CONFIG_NFILE_STREAMS for mkdir/rename/rmdir/fs_unlink

  • PR-1355 vfs: Implement statvfs and fstatvfs

  • PR-1323 vfs: Add chmod/fchmod/utimes function prototypes


Bug Fixes

  • PR-1267 SocketCAN: When timestamped frame was received while in CAN2.0B mode the frame got dropped.

  • PR-1446 usrsock: Fix recv() cannot peek data

Significant Improvements

  • PR-1666 Bluetooth: Bluetooth sockets now use Linux sockaddr types of sockaddr_l2 sockaddr_hci sockaddr_rc. There are slight breaking changes here that may require applications to be updated, but this brings the interface inline with Linux.

  • PR-1581 Socket: Add SOCK_CLOEXEC/SOCK_NONBLOCK support

  • PR-1443 usrsock: Add flag argument to sendto/recvfrom interface in usrsock

  • PR-1238 SocketCAN: Add support for SocketCAN interface API


Significant Improvements

  • PR-409 wamr: Update version to 09-29-2020 that supports NuttX directly and remove patches

  • PR-407 ipcfg: Add IPv4 configuration file access helper

  • PR-406 wamr: Add configs for heap pool and custom name sections

  • PR-404 timer: Add supplying timer dev path to example

  • PR-403 nxplayer/nxrecorder: Add channel map support

  • PR-396 wamr: Add missing options to kconfig

  • PR-395 dhcpc: Try to get hostname via syscall first

  • PR-391 wapi: Add option to assocated directly via bssid

  • PR-390 wapi: App option to scan partial channel

  • PR-387 wamr: Add support for WAMR web assembly interpreter

  • PR-337 docs: Convert all README files to markdown

  • PR-333 webclient: Add hooks for TLS, extra request headers, PUT method, report status code, improved error handling

  • PR-329 gpio: Add support for new GPIO pin types

  • PR-317 nshlib: Call symlink if user pass -s for ln command

  • PR-315 c++: Support uClibc++ and libcxx in examples/testing

  • PR-314 camera: Add a simple camera snapshot example

  • PR-378 wasm3: Initial WebAssembly runtime support

  • PR-374 bluetooth: Use the new l2cap socket address type

  • PR-373 duktape: Add duktape to global search path so it can be used as a library

  • PR-372 quickjs: Add support for QuickJS interpreter

  • PR-367 nsh: Accept the command line arguments like sh

  • PR-365 duktape: Add console, print, alert support

  • PR-364 cu: Refactor cu and add support for “-c” to disable \n to \r\n conversion

  • PR-362 libuv: Add support for libuv library

  • PR-352 duktape: Add initial support for duktape

  • PR-346 wget: Enable URL from command line, can be used with ifup, hooks for HTTPS

  • PR-302 lvgl: Use the latest version 7.0.2

  • PR-300 note: Add support for decoding interrupt and syscall instrumentation

  • PR-299 nxrecorder: Add O_TRUNC when creating a file

  • PR-296 bmp280: Add support for BMP180 to BMP280 application

  • PR-294 can: Add cansend and candump utilities for interacting with SocketCAN

Bug Fixes

  • PR-411 wgetjson: Fix build breakage

  • PR-405 nxplayer: Fix missing “%d” in a sscanf call

  • PR-400 dhcpc: Handle case where gethostname() might be empty

  • PR-399 build: Fix build system issue where compiler would only compile first assembly file

  • PR-393 build: Fix build system issue where ARCHCPUFLAGS in cxx command was lost

  • PR-392 wapi: Make wapi more robust in failure cases

  • PR-383 ntpclient: Fix NTP daemon state in case of DNS failure

  • PR-344 gs2200m: Fix freeing of uninitialized memory

  • PR-335 ntp: Fix malformated authentication headers in NTP packet

  • PR-331 telnetd: Fix buffer overflow issue clearing socket address

  • PR-312 build: Make sure to include incdir when running make export

  • PR-377 readline: Fix stack overflow when application name is too long

  • PR-359 nshlib: Fix memory corrupt in nsh_parse if pthread_create() failed

  • PR-354 dhcpd: Fix member name for “ds_pid”

Security Issues Fixed In This Release

Compatibility Concerns

Changes to Build System

In Apps, Change $(TOPDIR) to $(APPDIR)

In the ‘apps’ repo, Makefiles are now using $(APPDIR) instead of $(TOPDIR).

In your custom app’s Makefile, it is recommended to change $(TOPDIR) to $(APPDIR).

Replace this line:

include $(TOPDIR)/Make.defs

With this:

include $(APPDIR)/Make.defs

See * PR-326, git commit # [deaa6c5b7bf8445b4a300691525f60aa506be0d7](https://github.com/apache/nuttx-apps/commit/deaa6c5b7bf8445b4a300691525f60aa506be0d7) in the NuttX ‘apps’ repository.

Custom Boards Don’t Need ARCHINCLUDES and ARCHXXINCLUDES Definitions

As part of an effort to unify support for uClibc++ and libc++, the C/C++ include search path definitions ARCHINCLUDES and ARCHXXINCLUDES are now defined in one central place in tools/Config.mk. It is no longer necessary to define these in every board’s scripts/Make.defs. Boards included in the NuttX repository have been updated, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board and are using C++, you may want to make the following changes:

In your board’s configuration, ensure that you have enabled either CONFIG_UCLIBCXX or CONFIG_LIBCXX as appropriate.

In your custom board’s scripts/Make.defs file, remove lines like these:


In case your scripts/Make.defs uses different names, such as ARCHINCLUDESXX instead of ARCHXXINCLUDES, you’ll need to find all uses of that variable and update them to use ARCHXXINCLUDES.

See * PR-1396, git commit #d32e9c38dfb0659a7f3c0cf586ba1584cd7eb3d6 in the main NuttX repository.

See also * PR-1399, git commit #6abd03d53ff9164fb17ea4aca701a49fbbf751c0.

Custom Boards Don’t Need HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS Definitions

The NuttX build system uses several binary utilities that it compiles and runs on the host computer. To build these binaries, it needs to know the host C compiler and C flags. Previously, every board’s scripts/Make.defs file had to provide this information via HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS Definitions. As part of an effort to simplify the build system, these definitions are now automatically provided by logic in tools/Config.mk. Boards included in the NuttX repository have been updated, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board, you may want to make the following changes:

In your custom board’s scripts/Make.defs file, remove lines like these:

HOSTCC = gcc HOSTCFLAGS = -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wshadow -Wundef -g -pipe

Sometimes they may look like this:

ifeq ($(CONFIG_WINDOWS_NATIVE),y) HOSTCC = mingw32-gcc.exe else HOSTCC = gcc endif

Note: These changes are OPTIONAL.

You may still set these definitions in your board’s scripts/Make.defs, and your definitions will override the ones in tools/Config.mk.

Also, you may override these definitions for a single run by providing them on the make command line. This is useful if, for example, you wish to build debug versions of these host binaries: define HOSTCFLAGS with -g on the command line.

See * PR-1398, git commit #ee875b2a260cb4cc532b8ca303c2515e24c39b4e in the main NuttX repository.


The ARCHCCVERSION and ARCHCCMAJOR variables are unused. Historically they were defined in many boards’ scripts/Make.defs. These were removed from all boards in the NuttX repository, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board, you may want to remove this unnecessary boilerplate.

In your custom board’s scripts/Make.defs file, remove lines like these:

ARCHCCVERSION = ${shell $(CC) -v 2>&1 | sed -n ‘/^gcc version/p’ | sed -e ‘s/^gcc version \([0-9\.]\)/\1/g’ -e ‘s/[-\ ].*//g’ -e ‘1q’} ARCHCCMAJOR = ${shell echo $(ARCHCCVERSION) | cut -d’.’ -f1}

See * PR-1344, git commit #f5311de6b42466ab5c6ef299dab0ecc417131bbe in the main NuttX repository.

Custom Boards May Not Need EXTRA_LIBS and EXTRA_LIBPATHS Definitions

The EXTRA_LIBS and EXTRA_LIBPATHS make variables were previously defined in many boards’ scripts/Make.defs files. These are now defined in a more central location: arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs. Your board’s scripts/Make.defs usually includes this file. Boards included in NuttX have been updated, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board, you may need to update your board’s scripts/Make.defs file to ensure you build with the correct definitions.

If you have lines like these:

EXTRA_LIBPATHS = -L “${shell dirname “$(LIBSUPXX)”}” EXTRA_LIBS = -lsupc++

You may want to do one of the following:

  • If they are redundant to the definitions provided in the included arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs, remove these lines, or * If they contain additional needed libraries and paths not present in arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs, remove any redundant definitions and change the assignment ‘=’ to ‘+=’.

See * PR-1404, git commit #4910d43ab0fc360dbddb1f8a31db2a3ee383b46d in the main NuttX repository.

Custom Boards May Not Need CC, CXX, CPP, LD, STRIP, AR, NM, OBJCOPY, and

OBJDUMP Definitions

These make variables were previously defined in many boards’ scripts/Make.defs files with copy-paste duplication spanning many hundreds of files. These are now defined in a more central location: arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs. Your board’s scripts/Make.defs usually includes this file. Boards included in NuttX have been updated, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board, you may need to update your board’s scripts/Make.defs file to ensure you build with the correct definitions.

If you have lines that define CC, CXX, CPP, LD, STRIP, AR, NM, OBJCOPY, and OBJDUMP, such as these:

CC = $(CROSSDEV)gcc CXX = $(CROSSDEV)g++ CPP = $(CROSSDEV)gcc -E -P -x c LD = $(CROSSDEV)ld STRIP = $(CROSSDEV)strip –strip-unneeded AR = $(ARCROSSDEV)ar rcs NM = $(ARCROSSDEV)nm OBJCOPY = $(CROSSDEV)objcopy OBJDUMP = $(CROSSDEV)objdump

You may want to do one of the following:

  • If they are redundant to the definitions provided in the included arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs, remove these lines, or * If they are different from the definitions in arch/*/src/*/Toolchain.defs, leave them as-is and they will take precedence.

See * PR-1426, git commit #b329e2377dd8816f37ad0408279926829efdf85d in the main NuttX repository.


The ARCROSSDEV and CROSSDEV variables always had identical values. Therefore ARCROSSDEV has been removed and CROSSDEV is used instead. Boards included in NuttX have been updated, but if you are building NuttX for a custom board, you may need to update your board’s build scripts to use the CROSSDEV variable.

See * PR-1439, git commit #5efa93ec26fd8a3fd85b24a2008bb743f96027fb in the main NuttX repository.